Hazar Lake


The Hazar Lake (Gölcük) basin is located 22 km southeast of the city of Elazığ in the Upper Euphrates region of the Eastern Anatolia region.

Hazar depression is in the Southeast Taurus system, approximately 40 km in length in the direction of GB-NE, and generally 5-6 km in width, parallel to the other depressions in the neighborhood. The basin of the Hazar Lake is a depression that corresponds to an area of approximately 350 km2.

The Hazar Lake, which occupies the base of this depression, has a length of 20 km and a width of 3-5 km. This area occupies an area of 80 km2 at the present 1240 m level, varying depending on the level differences. The lake is surrounded by the Çelemlik-Mastar mountain ranges from the north, the Hazar Mountain from the south and the Sivrice Mountains from the west. These mountains, exceeding 350-400 in the north and 1000 m in the south, go down into the lake with steep slopes. For this reason, the large plain around the lake is rarely encountered. As a matter of fact, one of the fur deltas developed in the mouth of the fur water in the west of the lake and the Gezin delta developed in the mouth of the other one in the east form the main plains of the lake.
Outside of these delights, the accumulation of fountain cones and fossils along the steep slopes of the mountains, which are usually formed by small faults carrying water from a fault source, and the fault steps that develop in the southern skirts of the Hazar Mountain, are considered to be the main areas suitable for agriculture and settlement.

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