On the Harput Plateau, the settlement dates back to approximately 4000 years from its present day.
It is an important settlement because of its historical Harput which is in the appearance of an open air museum and its historical surroundings which have been around from almost every period.

In addition to establishing a place where historical roads passed through the establishment of Harput as kalekent, a defense-oriented settlement feature was also effective.

It is noteworthy that the settlement of Uluova, Elazığ plain, Hazar Lake and its surroundings can be controlled from all sides.

In addition, frequent floods of plains and danger of malaria prevented early settlement in the plain and caused settlements to be installed in higher areas.

This defective topography and Murat suyu cavalry from the north of the city of Harput surrounded the steep slopes of the connection with the plain from the south, revealing quite favorable conditions for the city’s defense.

It is an important summer resort for Elazığ city with clean and cool air from the recreational side.

According to its surroundings, the distance of view is very wide with a difference of 500-700 m, and it is a dominant feature in the region.

Harput has advantageous features in touristic terms with its Ice Cave on the plateau, its healing waters and other historical and natural beauties.

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