Invited Speakers

 kuzucuoglu2 Professor Catherine Kuzucuoglu Université de Paris, Physical Geography – Geoarchaeology, Faculty Member, France

“What role for geomorphology in studies on Quaternary environments in Turkey?”


 NIKOS-ZOUROS Prof. Dr. Nickolas Zouros Applied Geomorphology and Environmental Geology Lab. Department of Geography, University of the Aegean, Greece

“UNESCO Global Geoparks:  A Global Platform of Collaboration on Geoconservation and Sustainable Development”


 atalay Prof. Dr. İbrahim Atalay Mehmet Ekif Ersoy University, Department of Geography, Burdur, Turkey

“An Approach For The Dividing Into Geomorphological Regions of Turkey”


  Prof. Dr. Tuncer Demir Akdeniz University, Department of Geography, Antalya, Turkey

“A Synthesis on the Late Cenozoik Evolution of Terrace staircases of the River Euphrates in Southeast Turkey, Northern Syria & Western Iraq”